Gig on…

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m an advocate for the gig and sharing economies. In the last two years, I’ve experienced an insane amount of personal and professional growth, I’ve travelled more than ever with my amazing husband and three small children. I’ve accomplished things I never knew were possible, and I credit much of this to the doors opened by the gig and sharing economies.

 I’ve played in many sides of the fence.

Within the gig economy, I’ve been able to build and grow my families’ small business with the support of freelancers around the world. In my corporate role in Fortune 50 tech, I’ve been able to work with freelancers to save my company more than $150k in one month. Most recently I started freelancing myself, which provided a secondary income for my family which we’ve contributed to savings, investments, and enhancing and enriching our lives through experiences.

Together with my husband, we completed an amazing home and kitchen remodel for a VERY reasonable cost but managing it as a project and tasking out the specifics, whether it was cabinet assembly, flooring, electric, plumbing, etc. using the power of digital platforms and crowd curated quality (the power of reviews) to make smart consumer decisions.

Within the sharing economy, my family has used AirBnB to make it possible and affordable to travel to London, Paris, The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, staycation in beautiful Miami and Lake Worth, FL, which are both an hour away from home but incredibly rich and DIFFERENT in culture and lifestyle- __ locations in just a year. We also made the bold move to rent our own home on AirBnB to fund our adventures while the kids are out of school. With the extra cash we made renting out our home, we were able to fly our family of five across the country two times over the summer as well as fund a number of unique and wonderful staycation experiences that simply wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

The gig and sharing economies have given my family ongoing opportunities to do more, see more, experience more, learn, grow, and improve the empathy we have for other lifestyles, cultures, and traditions. I consider this to be the spice of life. It’s an incredible gift. And this blog is all about sharing that with you.


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